“Rosie Bell is an outstanding contributor and writer. Her pitches are smart, funny, and timely, her writing is polished and thoughtful, and her work ethic is considerable. I consistently reach out to and commission works from Rosie because of her capacity to produce exemplary stories under tight deadlines. She is professional, responsible, and remarkably talented. She’s an absolute delight to work with”.

– Rachael Levitt, Managing Editor, Fodor’s Travel

“Commissioning tons of people a month, Rosie’s article on Panama is by far one of the best pieces I’ve seen written since starting this job a year ago – she really went into detail and has woven in experiences in a way that’s simple to read and entertaining. She’s a star”.

– Amelia McGrath, Editorial Producer, World Nomads

– Eva Morreale, Assigning Editor, Fodor’s Travel

“Rosie is a consummate professional. She pitches well, writes better and has a great sense of storytelling. She’s a pleasure to work with”.

– Eliot Stein, Deputy Editor, BBC Travel

“Rosie is the real deal, one of those cool people that’s doing different things. She’s so well-spoken and articulate; it’s refreshing”.

– Will Ganss, ABC News TV Host

“During her time at Saatchi & Saatchi, Rosie made an extremely positive impression on everyone she made contact with – team members, support staff & clients alike. Rosie demonstrated professionalism, commitment & an impressive enthusiasm to all the challenges she faced. I would have no hesitation whatsoever in recommending Rosie”.

– Robert Senior, Former CEO, Saatchi & Saatchi Worldwide

“I worked with Rosie after a friend recommended that she contact me to visit Salta. When I saw her at the airport, her energy was so vibrant and cheerful that I hugged her. As we walked around and discovered the city, she always showed great interest in all our activities. Her articles were excellent and really brought everything we had done to life. It was a real pleasure to meet Rosie and work together”.

– María Eugenia Cornejo, Subsecretary, Marketing & Tourism, Salta City

I loved working with Rosie. She perfectly addressed the brief we provided for writing an ebook on storytelling for social entrepreneurs. She also assisted us with developmental editing for two of our other ebooks. Thank you so much for your fantastic work“.

– Julieta Tello, Co-founder at The Curious Beetle & Owner of Design Junkie

“Besides writing engaging and well-researched content, Rosie is also a pleasure to work with. She’s a hard worker, very professional and is able to work to deadlines. We’ve been very happy with the results and in fact, one of her articles has become one of the most visited pages on our website. Our school has worked with Rosie several times and I highly recommend her for all content creation”.

– David Gold, Founder, Casco Antiguo Spanish School

Wit and professionalism are just two of the reasons why Rosie is a great person to work with. I have been lucky enough to be a witness to more than one of her talents. Not only is she a great writer and makes every story interesting and easy to read, but she is also a great entrepreneur and lifestyle coach”.

– Julie Renson, Managing Director, BeYOA (Be Your Own Adventure)

“Working with Rosie is a breeze. I came across an article she had written about her stay at our resort and hired her to write for me immediately. Within a week, she produced three high-quality articles that were the best content we’ve ever had on our site. Rosie and I have maintained a great working relationship and I couldn’t recommend her more”.

 – Erin Williams, Owner, Azul Paradise Resort, Bocas del Toro

“It was a pleasure working with Rosie. She’s very receptive to feedback and understands the client’s needs very well. She’s very responsible and professional with her work and I’m very happy with the results we achieved. I certainly recommend her as a writer and editor. Thank you very much, Rosie”.

– Alejandra Presa, Co-founder at The Curious Beetle Marketing Consultancy

“As we know, easy reading makes for hard writing, but Rosie makes it seem effortless and imbues her writing with the right amount of personality. You won’t do better than hiring Rosie to write or edit your articles. Recommend 10/10”.

– Pia Newman, Founder, Mindful Nomad Hacks

“Rosie blew me away with her workshop I attended to improve my writing skills. I hired her after that and absolutely loved that she was easy to work with and a pleasure to know as an individual”.

– Andres Moretti, Founder, Dental Pixel Marketing

“Rosie is a beautifully open-minded and big-hearted wanderer and incredibly passionate writer who not only touches those who read her own publications but also humbly shares her knowledge on writing and positive psychology with others. I’m looking forward to that next book”.

– Birthe Menke, University of Southern Denmark

“Rosie is such an inspiring person and is also lovely to work with. She assisted me in writing my brand story for my new website and I feel like she translated my thoughts perfectly onto paper. I’m looking forward to working with her again in the future!”

– Christina Spörer, Remote Photographer

“I had the pleasure of working with Rosie on a retreat in Germany. Her communication skills are exceptional, demonstrated in her delivery of workshops, her writing, and her day to day interactions. Her faultlessly positive outlook on life shines through in all she does, both professionally and personally. I thoroughly enjoyed working with Rosie, and learnt such a lot from her in regard to writing and life design. I am very happy to recommend her for future collaborations and projects!”

– Lisa Forbes, Founder, Sweet Seedling

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