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What do you desire? And I don’t mean where would you like to vacation this year or what would you like to have for dinner. What do you truly desire, and what is essential for you to thrive? For so many, the definition of success and fulfilment is the one dictated by society, a one-size-fits-all dream. We perform for phantom spectators, exerting our precious energy to dance to the beat of someone else’s drum without checking our own internal temperature. At this very moment, you might be fighting for something you actually have little appetite for. 


A few years ago, I bid adieu to the life I was “supposed to” lead and embarked on a journey of self-discovery and freedom. I took in wild adventures in lands unknown, blue drinks in the whitest of sand and read all about Positive Psychology. The product of this voyage of the heart is my book Escape to Self.


This life design book is written for anyone who feels stuck as if your life is not yours. It is a love letter written by the heart to the mind. It is an invitation to realise, accept and pursue your desires so you may escape to a life that’s truly yours, free of social expectation or conformity. It is a prime read for anyone who longs to define their own life, doing away with traditional roles and what we are “supposed to” be striving for.


Escape to Self is a framework for breaking free from the hidden curriculum of life. It seeks to demonstrate that there very much is a box of collective desires and that living within it is not where we are best situated. It is an ode to personal freedom that provides words and chapters for you to lean on as you embrace your own truth, and pinpoint what it takes for you to feel proud of and take pleasure in your life. Pleasure is the food of the soul, and nothing is more pleasurable than being able to say you lived your life the way you needed to.

Praise for ‘Escape to Self’

“The author has a talent for reaching your heart by sharing her own deep stories with wit, sweetness and wisdom. I felt shaken and more alive by reading the book, acknowledging that we usually live our days and routines without wondering what we really want in life. We should never forget that.” 

Murcia, Spain

“Deeply thought out and action-provoking! Very relatable, funny, upbeat, optimistic – simply intriguing. A mix of ‘Eat Pray Love’, ‘Bridget Jones’ and ‘Wild’ but more real and hence a must-read! Not only have I told all my friends to read it but also my patients (working as a psychologist). No, it’s not ‘another self-help book’, but rather an uplifting self-discovery story that will help you see what and who is important and worth your time!”

– The Hague, Netherlands

“This book is utter brilliance and makes you realise how precious life is. It gives great advice on how we can indeed live outside of the rigid box that the world so easily puts us in and by doing so, how rich and enthralling life really is. We so often get caught up in the routine and forget the beauty around us. A must-read!”

Surrey, UK

“I attended a book reading by the Author in Panama City, read the book and quit my job the next day. I had already been thinking all about my life, but after reading Escape to Self, I was sure I needed to take action”

– Panama City, Panama

“Escape to Self is an empowering wake-up call with vivid details of courage overcoming grief that remain both practical and honest”

– Paris, France

“This book is gold and full of quotes that I am storing. It helped me realise that I had gotten so comfortable being uncomfortable. Very beautifully written. Just YES!”

– Edmonton, Canada

“I love the way the author writes. It’s so positive and quite meaningful, but not too heavy, just like a spring breeze. Some comparisons she makes are really beautiful and it’s actually a pleasure to read”

– Barcelona, Spain

“If there was ever an example of creating the life you want and choosing to be happy, Rosie is evidence of this! So long I lived in fear, trapped by my own anxiety and mental limitations, I’m free now in more ways than one and realising how much power we can truly have and how transformative trauma and tragedy can be. Setting off to the other side of the world with a suitcase and carving your dreams can be a reality”

– London, UK

“I’d like to say thank you to the author. You opened my eyes to things that I’ve been blinded by for years. This book captured me and I finally feel like I can move forward. If you’re going through a tough time in your life, read this book. I strongly recommend it.”

United States

“This one is for all the free spirits”

– Perth, Australia

“Intriguing and inspiring literature – True soul food!”

– Florida, USA

“This book is amazing”

– Cartagena, Colombia

“Even once I read the introduction I knew that this was exactly the kind of book that I need in my life right now”

– Hamburg, Germany

“Fantastic book!!! I have enjoyed this easy read. It is great if you are asking yourself a lot of questions about where you are in life, this gives you a different perspective. I would definitely recommend it”

– London, UK

“I’m not much of a reader but as soon as I wake up I want to keep reading it. I’m surprised at how much it’s made me think about things”

– New York, USA

“Rosie is a beautifully open-minded and big-hearted wanderer and incredibly passionate writer who not only touches those who read her own publications but also humbly shares her knowledge about writing and positive psychology with others. I’m looking forward to that second book”

– Aachen, Germany

“This book is a love letter written by the heart to the mind”. It is a declaration, a promise of the writer to herself to live the life she truly desires, and she invites us to do the same. This quote from the book summarises its value. The writer has provided a book that combines insightful personal experiences, with useful information and humour. It is not only a pleasure to read but it also makes you think, and in my case, question some of the beliefs I had. I highly recommend this book to anyone that’s interested in living a more authentic lifestyle, and in living the life you truly desire once you have figured what that life should look like!”

– Amsterdam, The Netherlands

“Each chapter was an amazing trip through my heart, my soul, my thoughts and most of all, it’s opened my mind to an unlimited world of possibilities. This book is a new way to embrace your life and stop thinking about what society is telling you to do. I enjoyed it so much and I’m already using the tips given. Thank you.” 
Brussels, Belgium

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