The Bristol Hotel Panama City is one of those places you have trouble leaving – of course, never due to problems checking out. The quiet ambience and seamless service make this business-friendly hotel one for the books indeed. Never short of compliments, guests rant about everything from the ambience, and the lobby scents, to the prime location. A stone’s throw from Iglesia del Carmen, Calle

Wow, Fabulous, Spectacular, Fabulous, Fantastic and Marvellous. For the unacquainted, these are the names of the W Panama’s gorgeous rooms and suites, not gushing tributes. Central America’s first W hotel is however worthy of praise. As may be expected from the brand, this Panama City outpost is achingly hip and modern with 5-star service from start to finish. Why W Panama? If you’re looking for a hotel

Panama City is a place one of many contrasts. Historic UNESCO heritage site Casco Viejo meets the futuristic skyscrapers of the city centre, granting Panama City the moniker of “Miami of the South”.   For short-term visitors, nothing will beat the experience of staying in Casco Viejo. It's the Panama City neighborhood that helps tourists and travellers fall in love with Panama and pretty much has

You’ll often hear of places where travellers tend to "get stuck". Bocas del Toro, the boisterous archipelago in the west of Panama, is one such place. After tasting its sweet nectar, many who step foot on these magical islands are unable to enjoy any other earthly destinations.   Between the palm-lined streets, you'll find whatever you’re looking for here - whether that’s great surf or great beaches,

Some three million years ago, a volcano blew its top. The town of El Valle de Anton sits in the crater of that huge extinct volcano. With its virgin territory and lush greenery, it’s a popular weekend jaunt for Panama City residents looking to be at one with nature. It enjoys a year-round springtime climate, the air feels fresh and the atmosphere is tranquil. There

Panama is an isthmus sitting beautifully between the Pacific Ocean and the Caribbean Sea and it certainly isn't short of experiences worthy of making you feel like a million bucks. Here's how you can spend (un)wisely. Island escapes Panama is blessed with over 1,500 miles of sandy shoreline and thus, is best enjoyed on the water. Panama Boat Charter will take you to a picturesque set of

Regularly making it onto the list of Salta’s best hotels is Legado Mítico, an intimate boutique property in the historical quarter. You may already know its sister hotel Legado Mítico Buenos Aires in the achingly hip Palermo district. Set in a renovated townhouse, it has 11 rooms, each wholly unique and adhering to its own theme. Having just a handful of rooms gives a lot

Allow me to introduce you to the set of your next travel fantasy. One for every day of the year, San Blas is an archipelago of 365 breath-taking islands in the northwest of Panama, which are inhabited by the Indian Kuna people.   For a few days this summer, I experienced the splendour of the islands courtesy of San Blas Adventures. From the old town of Panama

The city of Salta has oodles of charm. It’s the capital of the province of the same name in the north of Argentina. The area is famous for its folkloric music and white wines which are particularly palatable due to the favourable conditions created by the high altitude. Salta is Argentina’s 7th most populous city but it feels more like a village. Cobbled streets, walkability

Thought Carnival was only for Brazilians? Every February Panama comes alive for this 4-day celebration that’s deeply entrenched in the country’s culture. Nation-wide, there are street parties, parades, fireworks and mojaderas – water balloons, buckets and even fire hoses spraying you till you’re soaking wet. If you’re around for the mega-holiday that is Panama carnival, you’re in for a treat.   Elements of Panama carnival  Expect to see a

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