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Aloha. My name is Rosie and I’m a travel writer, editor and author of the book, Escape to Self. I've penned articles for Forbes Travel Guide, World Nomads, and you'll find my musings on writing, wanderlust and wild optimism splashed all over the web.

I grew up in four countries on two continents, and have been fortunate enough to cast my eyes on over 100 alluring destinations around the world. It’s fair to say travel is embedded in my DNA. For as long as I knew jobs existed, I yearned to be a writer. Back then, however, they told me writing wasn’t a “real job” because you couldn’t be CEO or VP of writing (how I showed them). These days I combine both passions working with clients as diverse as my destinations. 

When I’m not off gallivanting, I edit, an online travel magazine for compelling stories of the world, told by the world. What colour is life in Argentina from a Belgian perspective? What does heartbreak feel like a thousand miles from home? Club Elsewhere is where the world’s venturers vent, and wanderers wonder.

My expertise extends to writing features, travel writing, blog posts, researched articles and also press releases – all things copy. Heck, I’ll even write your wedding speech too. Want to outsource an eloquent piece of prose (but still like to take the credit for it)? Ghostwriting just so happens to be my forté too. The English language is my tool and all the tasks that I put my name to are completed to a high level. My writing and marketing experience spans eight years and I relish in composing tales, which invite the reader to get lost in the story, yet find a part of themselves in the message. If you won’t take my word for it, have a look at what some happy customers have had to say. Once you’re done being bowled over there, contact me, and let’s begin our own chapter together.


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