Rosie Bell Travel Writer based in Panama City Panama travel writers
So, who are you?

Aloha! My name is Rosie and I’m a travel writer, editor and author of the book, Escape to Self. I've been fortunate to cast my eyes on over 100 alluring global destinations but feel most at home under the sun. It's little wonder I chose Latin America with its blissful blue beaches as my base (and travel writing as my full-time job).

Where have you lived?

On every continent except Australia and Antarctica (and you won’t find me there any time soon).

What's the strangest thing that's ever happened to you on a trip?

I was hit over the head by a passing policeman in Portugal, found an enormous bejewelled cow carcass on the terrace of a casa particular I lodged at in Cuba and marched through machete-wielding masked protesters while wearing a 23-kilo backpack to catch a bus in Costa Rica. You pick.

You really wrote a book?

Oh yes, I did. I’m a staunch advocate of lifestyle design and authored the positive psychology manual Escape to Self. This book is an invitation to realise, accept and pursue our desires so we may escape to lives that are truly ours, free of social expectation and conformity (get it here).

Where can I find your work?

In addition to publishing a series of city guidebooks and actual books, I regularly write about travel and life design for publications on both sides of the Atlantic. My words have appeared in Forbes Travel GuideNBC News, Lonely Planet, Fodor's, BBC Worklife, HuffPost and World Nomads among others.

What else do you do?

I’m the founding editor of, a publisher of travel and lifestyle design guides. I’m also currently involved with a top-secret travel app. I offer in-person workshops and online courses on writing, freelancing and lifestyle design.

Why should I hire you?

The English language is my preferred tool and my expertise extends to copywriting and editing for corporate clients and small businesses, features and opinion pieces, travel writing, blog posts, researched articles, product descriptions and press releases - all things copy. Heck, I’ll even stitch together your wedding speech too. Need eloquent prose with all the glory but none of the hassle? I’ll happily be your ghostwriter.

Where's the proof?

Each task I put my name to is completed to the highest level and I’m proud to say I have successful, long-term relationships with the bulk of my clients. Don’t just take my word for it though - have a look at what some happy customers have to say about my servicesOnce you’re done being bowled over there, talk to me so we can start writing a story of our very own.